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Welcome to JAPAN!
Introducing Model Course Recommended by Alpico Group

Model Course for Individual Travel Exploring Nature & Culture Tour by Bus

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DAY 1 Easy Access from Narita Airport and Haneda Airport! Let's go sightseeing in Tokyo!

"Start your fun journey discovering nature and culture from the airport!
With easy access by Airport Limousine Bus straight to Tokyo's center point, in Shinjuku.
To sightseeing destinations such as Let's discover Sensoji Temple, Tokyo Tower, Tsukiji Fish Market and many more seasonal attractions!"

DAY 2 From Shinjuku Station to Matsumoto! With a single ride on the

Approximately 3 hours from Shinjuku station, Matsumoto is surrounded by beautiful nature with many sightseeing attractions, rich in Japanese history and culture.



  • National Treasures of Japan Matsumoto Castle

    Structure is preserved in its original state since the war period.

  • Nawate-dori Street

    Shopping street resembling the landscape of downtown Matsumoto during the Edo Period.

  • Former Kaichi School

    Japan's oldest masterpiece in western style architecture that reminisce Meiji era.

Passengers can use the Town Sneaker Ticket as discount for entry fees at many tourist destinations!

Accommodation today ... HOTEL SHOHO

Japanese Style Hotel

Enjoy the top class onsen, one of the biggest size hot spring in Nagano Prefecture.

Set on the hills, all rooms of the Japanese style ryokan HOTEL SHOHO have a beautiful view of Matsumoto City, as well as the mesmerizing Matsumoto Castle area during the night time. On a sunny day, the magnificent Northern Japan Alps spreads right in front of your eyes.

  • Wi-Fi
  • Stop by lunch available
  • Hotspring
527 Satoyamabe, Matsumoto City, Nagano
Tel: +81-(0)263-38-7711 (Rep.)"

DAY 3 Visitors will be mesmerized by the majestic mountains! To the mountain resort Kamikochi, with mysterious and breathtaking view.

At 1,500 meters high, this beautiful scenic spot is a combination of mountains, greenery, and fresh air.
To protect and preserve this beautiful nature, access is strictly controlled, only allowing specific transportation including ALPICO route bus to enter the premises.


Four seasons of Kamikochi

Photo Gallery Four seasons of Kamikochi

Accommodation today ... KAMIKOCHI LEMEIESTA HOTEL


A resort where guests can enjoy the continuous flowing natural hot spring and authentic French cuisine.

Surrounded by the majestic nature, visitors can enjoy nature walk in the daytime, and the millions of stars above in the night sky. The onsen water here is clean and pure with 100% flowing natural hot spring from nature.

  • Wi-Fi
  • Stop by lunch available
  • Hotspring
4469-1 Azumi, Matsumoto City, Nagano
Tel: +81-(0)263-95-2121

DAY 4 Field landscape selected as World Heritage Site Enjoy the old post town Shirakawa-go and Takayama

Registered as a World Heritage Site, Shirakawa-go is a village with houses in a unique Gassho-style, still used in this modern day. At the old post town Takayama, visitors can stroll the atmosphere of the ancient city, enjoy the food and the streets of Edo era remains.


World Heritage Shirakawa-go

Atmospheric streets of Takayama

Walk and eat while enjoying sightseeing in Takayama

DAY 5 Enjoy the town life in Nagano City! Enjoy sightseeing, gourmet, and souvenir shopping in Nagano

Nagano City, with historic architecture including Zenkoji Temple and Suwa Taisha (Suwa Shrine) was developed surrounding Zenkoji Temple. Try the aromatic soba noodle made with pure clean water.



  • Apple
  • Soba
  • Nozawana

DAY 6 Easy access with direct bus from Nagano to Shinjuku Enjoy the last day in Tokyo

Tokyo is full of attractions, including visits to new hot spots, tour around Tokyo with sightseeing bus, or enjoy gourmet at different markets.

Enjoy the last day in Tokyo