The Charms of Kamikochi Fresh Air

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Surrounded by greenery and far away from the din and bustle of big cities,
Kamikochi is a place with crisp and clear air that you want to fill your lungs with to heal both mind and body.
There are reasons why we can confidently assure you the air in Kamikochi is so fresh.


Locations shown on the map are approximate only.

No Private Car Policy

In 1970, there was an influx of private cars entering into Kamikochi, which caused severe traffic congestion.
The environment was heavily damaged by illegal parking and pollution from exhaust fumes.
In order to restore and preserve nature for future generations, private cars have been banned from entering Kamikochi since 1975.

Cool Weather

Kamikochi is situated at an elevation of 1,500 m in a mountainous area.
It is known as a famous summer resort. Even in the summer and fall, the temperature may drop below freezing.
At around the first week of May and middle of October, there are times when snow falls.
It is recommended to always bring a jacket and rain gear with you.

Blue Sky

Vast blue sky over magnificent mountains together with transparent rivers and ponds are what make Kamikochi a wonderful sightseeing spot and has allowed it to become one of Japan's leading mountain resorts.
The best season to visit Kamikochi is in the summer, when there will be crowds of mountain climbers and casual visitors from all around the world wanting to see the peak soaring up into the blue sky.

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