The Charms of Kamikochi Rare Wildlife

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The natural environment in Kamikochi has remained in perfect shape thanks to efforts to preserve the area.
As a result, it is a habitat for several types of wildlife. You can hear the birds chirping,
see the butterflies swirling and maybe bump into a squirrel or a serow while staying in Kamikochi.
Here are 5 animals that represent Kamikochi.


Locations shown on the map are approximate only.


The fact that Kamikochi is blessed with abundant natural forests means it is the best environment for wildlife to flourish, including birds.
You can hear many kinds of birds twitter in the early morning, especially in the early summer.
As the birds in Kamikochi are not quite afraid of human beings, you can catch a glimpse of them from quite a close distance.
This is just one of Kamikochi's charms.

Japanese Monkey

There are often families of monkeys climbing up trees to find fruits or nuts for their food.
When the weather gets hotter in the summer, they tend to move up to higher mountains near the ridge line.
From fall to winter, we may see them appear on the walking path and act as if they own the place.
Even if you see a monkey family up close, please refrain from giving them food.

Black Bear

Kamikochi is a habitat for black bears. Black bears are not naturally aggressive towards humans and usually avoid people.
According to reports, black bears seldom appear during the daytime.
However, it is advisable to bring a bear bell with you when walking around Taisho Pond early in the morning and when watching stars outside at night.

Japanese Serow

Japanese serow (Nihon Kamoshika) is often found on steep hills and rockfaces in mountainous areas.
It is the animal symbol of Nagano prefecture. In early spring, you might see them near the nature trail when they come out seeking
the buds of wild plants for food.
Though they don't normally attack people, it's best not to get too close or do anything to startle them.

Iwana Fish

Iwana fish (river trout) are members of the salmon family. They live in clean water below 15 degrees Celsius.
You can find Iwana in many locations of Kamikochi, but you are not allowed to catch them.
All the grilled Iwana sold in Kamikochi are brought from other places in Nagano.
Iwana is usually seasoned with salt and slow-grilled on a hearth, which is a meal you shouldn’t miss.

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