The Charms of Kamikochi Beautiful Mountains

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"Kamikochi" is a place that the Japanese must have heard of or seen from somewhere before.
It is also included on many people's travel bucket list.
Those who have visited Kamikochi before wish to come back again to see Kamikochi in different seasons.
The reason for this is laid behind the Azusa River scenery and towering mountains, waiting for you to find out by yourself.


Locations shown on the map are approximate only.

Snow-capped Mountains

The Kappa Bridge is surrounded by glistening snow-capped mountains and verdant green.
It is an iconic landscape of Kamikochi. It is breathtaking scenery you can see when visiting Kamikochi in mid-May to early June.
Come and enjoy the view of the Japan Alps up close, feel the bracing air,
be surrounded by the refreshing forest and look at the streaming crystal clear water.

Mt. Yakedake

Mt. Yakedake, the only volcano in the Northern Japan Alps, is located on the border line between Nagano and Gifu Prefecture at an altitude of 2,455 m.
The volcanic plume hovering above the blue sky is such a beautiful scene it has been captured in many photos and paintings.
Although it is known as an easy mountain to climb in one day, it is recommended to be prepared before embarking on the trip.

Hotaka Mountain Range

Shin-Hotaka mountain range consists of Mt. Hotakadake, the highest mountain in the Northern Japan Alps,
in the center and lined up with Mt. Mae-Hotakadake, Mt. Kita-Hotakedake, Mt. Nishi-Hotaka and so on.
Some mountains were selected to be among the 100 famous mountains in Japan.
This mountain range is one of the most popular high mountains because of its numerous challenging rockfaces, which fascinate the alpinists.

All images shown are for illustration purposes only.