The Charms of Kamikochi Stars

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When the darkness comes, the entire park becomes so quiet and calm,
completely different from the bustling and lively daytime.
There are very few people inside Kamikochi, which makes you feel like you own the place.
Those who have never stayed here before would not understand.


Locations shown on the map are approximate only.

Night Sky

In the midst of trees and surrounded by mountains, Kamikochi is where you can fully enjoy the starry sky.
You need to stay here overnight to see it with your own eyes.
In complete darkness at night, it is like you are in a planetarium, which is the perfect time and place to spend with your loved one!

Star Photography

Think of how nice it would be if you could capture this spectacular night sky and make it last forever.
At Kamikochi Lemeiesta Hotel, we have a star photography event 4 times a month where we invite a professional photographer to teach you how to capture this wonderful scene.

Star Watching

The rest of the month when we don't have a star shooting event, we always have an astronomical telescope for our guests to use for star watching at the hotel entrance.
If you have any questions about the stars, please feel free to ask for an explanation from any of our staff.

Kamikochi Lemeiesta Hotel

One of only two hotels in Kamikochi with natural hot spring, every room offers a splendid view of the Azusa River and magnificent mountains, with well-equipped free Wi-Fi. Our authentic French course dinner is prepared using local ingredients from Nagano and natural spring water from the Japan Alps.

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