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Our Highway Bus Transportation Service has approximately 100 highway buses running daily connecting main cities such as Tokyo (Shinjuku), Nagoya, and Osaka to Nagano City and Matsumoto City. Since 2013, there is also a winter limited service which is popular among travellers from abroad offering a non-stop direct route from Narita Airport to Hakuba Ski Resort.
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Express Bus to Hakuba

Hakuba Town is located within the Kita-Azumi District, on the northwestern of Nagano prefecture. Located at the foot of the Northern Alps, it has been a famous retreating spot for travellers seeking to climb in the summer, or skiing in the winter time. Happo-One Ski Resort is the country's largest ski area, and was also the venue of the Nagano Olympics.

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Express Bus to Nagano

Rich in natural surroundings and culture, Nagano is the central city of Nagano Prefecture and venue of the 1998 Winter Olympics. Enjoy to the full its historical buildings and streets and traditional foods

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Express Bus to Matsumoto

Matsumoto has long been a prosperous castle town. Come see the old streets and buildings that still remain around Matsumoto Castle. Experience vast natural landscapes at Kamikochi and Norikura Kogen.

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Express Bus to Kamikochi

 Kamikochi (上高地, Upper Highlands) is one of the last remaining secluded regions in Japan. The plateau, about 1500m above sea level, is not unlike a miniature garden: here you can find peaks and active volcanoes, glaciers and corries, beautiful wetlands, transparent rivers and lakes of the Japanese Alps - all in such a confined space.

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For Public Bus

Try our public bus or taxi services for your travels in Nagano Prefecture.

Available public bus routes include areas such as Nagano city, Matsumoto city, Kamikochi・Norikura area, Suwa area and Hakuba・Omachi area. Taxi services are also available in those areas. We offer transportation services to be your one-stop solution during your Nagano trip.

Public Bus - Main Routes


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