Shinjuku (Tokyo)Kamikochi(Nagano)

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To Kamikochi

Shinjuku BusTerminal(busta-shinjyuku) (dep.)7:1522:25
Shinshimashima Bus Terminal (arr.)10:574:15
Azumi Shisho Mae (arr.)11:034:21
Sawando (arr.)11:374:55
Nakanoyu (arr.)11:475:05
Taisho Ike (arr.)11:525:10
Teikoku Hotel Mae (arr.)11:575:15
Kamikochi Bus Terminal (arr.)11:595:20
Bus service to/from Kamikochi has ended for this year.
Service will resume around the end of April 2017.
The 2017 schedule will be released on our website around March of next year.

To Shinjuku

Kamikochi Bus Terminal (dep.)15:0016:15
Sawando (dep.)15:2516:40
Shinshimashima Bus Terminal (dep.)16:0017:15
Shinjuku BusTerminal (arr.)19:4220:57
○Cancelation policy: 100 yen for cancelation fee will be charged before journey. After departure you reserved will be charged 100% cancellation fee.
  *Cancelation due to the delay of flight will be charged 100 yen for cancelation fee.
○Passengers who are not at the bus stop after scheduled departure time are not guaranteed a seat assignment.
○The bus schedule may be adjusted subject to traffic and weather conditions without prior notice to passengers.
○Smoking on buses is strictly prohibited.
○Pets are not allowed on bus and trunk.
Please check this link for more information
Fare(one way) Shinjuku~Kamikochi
Adult 6,200~9,200 yen
Child 3,100~5,500yen
Infant Free of Charge
○Adult:Aged 12+
○Child:Aged 6 to 11
○Infant:Children below the age of 6, if accompanied by an adult and not occuying a seat, will be free of charge. Please buy a child ticket if you need seat occupation.


Shinjuku BusTerminal(busta-shinjyuku)

Kamikochi Bus Terminal

Access from the International Airport

From Narita Airport

Narita Airport
  • about 2 hours
  • Shinjuku Bus Terminal
○Please check the Web site for more information
■Airport Limouseine

From Haneda Airport

Haneda Airport
  • about 45 minutes
  • Shinjuku Bus Terminal
○Please check the Web site for more information
■Airport Limouseine