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Take the train bound for Shin-shimashima of Kamikochi Line at the platform No. 7 of JR Matsumoto Station, then transfer to the bus bound for  Kamikochi at Shin-shimashima Bus Terminal. Some non-stop buses run to  Kamikochi from  Matsumoto Bus Terminal.


To Kamikochi(Apr.17 – Nov.15 , 2017)

【Bus】Matsumoto Bus Terminal(dep.)-5:30-----10:15-
【Train】 Matsumoto Sta (dep.)4:45-6:317:168:008:419:21-10:45
【Train】 Shinshimashima Sta. (arr.)5:09-7:017:498:309:129:52-11:15
【Bus】Shinshimashima Bus Terminal (dep.)5:206:007:158:008:409:3010:1010:5511:35
【Bus】Taisho Ike (arr.)6:176:578:128:579:3710:2711:0711:5212:32
【Bus】Teikoku Hotel Mae (arr.)6:227:028:179:029:4210:3211:1211:5712:37
【Bus】Kamikochi Bus Terminal (arr.)6:257:058:209:059:4510:3511:1512:0012:40
【Bus】Matsumoto Bus Terminal(dep.)---------
【Train】 Matsumoto Sta (dep.)11:2812:0912:4413:2814:0714:4615:2616:0616:45
【Train】 Shinshimashima Sta. (arr.)11:5812:3913:1413:5814:3715:1715:5716:3617:15
【Bus】Shinshimashima Bus Terminal (dep.)12:1012:5013:3014:1514:4515:2516:0516:4517:25
【Bus】Taisho Ike (arr.)13:0713:4714:2715:1215:4216:2217:0217:4218:22
【Bus】Teikoku Hotel Mae (arr.)13:1213:5214:3215:1715:4716:2717:0717:4718:27
【Bus】Kamikochi Bus Terminal (arr.)13:1513:5514:3515:2015:5016:3017:1017:5018:30
(■1)Travel Date:Specific date service
(■2)Travel Date:Jul 15 - Aug 20 , 2017
(■3)Travel Date:Apr 21 - Nov 5 , 2017

To Matsumoto(Apr.17 – Nov.15 , 2017)

【Bus】Kamikochi Bus Terminal (dep.)7:508:409:3010:0510:4011:3012:0012:4013:20
【Bus】Shinshimashima Bus Terminal (arr.)8:559:4510:3511:1011:4512:3513:0513:4514:25
【Train】Shinshimashima Sta. (dep.) 9:2010:0810:5311:2612:0712:5213:2614:0514:45
【Train】Matsumoto Sta (arr.)9:5010:3711:2211:5512:3613:2113:5514:3415:15
【Bus】Matsumoto Bus Terminal (arr.)---------
【Bus】Kamikochi Bus Terminal (dep.)14:3015:1516:00-16:45-17:2518:0018:45
【Bus】Shinshimashima Bus Terminal (arr.)15:3516:2017:05-17:50-18:3019:0519:50
【Train】Shinshimashima Sta. (dep.) 16:0416:43-17:23-18:0118:4219:2520:10
【Train】Matsumoto Sta (arr.)16:3417:13-17:52-18:3119:1119:5420:39
【Bus】Matsumoto Bus Terminal (arr.)--17:35-18:20----
(●1)Jul 15 - Aug 20 , 2017
(●2)Apr 21 - Nov 5 , 2017

・Reservations are not required for the Matsumoto-Kamikochi line.
・The bus service for Matsumoto-Kamikochi line is available on a first-come, first served basis.
・Passengers are not allowed to board the bus when the seats are all occupied. (Standing is not allowed on the bus)
・Extra services will be added during busy periods, still there are chances that you might not be able to board the bus.
・The bus schedule may be adjusted subject to traffic and weather conditions without prior notice to passengers.
・Smoking on the buses is strictly prohibited.

○Please check this link for more information
【Access Shinshu】
Route Fare
Matsumoto~Kamikochi(one way) Adult:2,450 yen
Child:1,230 yen
Free of Charge
Matsumoto~Kamikochi(round trip) Adult:4,550 yen
Child:2,280 yen
Free of Charge
○Adult:Aged 12+
○Child:Aged 6 to 11
○Infant:Children below the age of 6, if accompanied by an adult and not occuying a seat, will be free of charge. Please buy a child ticket if you need seat occupation.


Matsumoto bus terminal

Kamikochi Bus Terminal