2 days of unlimited bus and
train transport within the designated area!

What is a 2-DAY

The 2-Day Free Passport is a great value ticket that allows you to ride for free on buses that will take you to such famous sightseeing spots as Matsumoto City to see Matsumoto Castle and go for a walk around the Nakamachi area, and the mountain resorts of Kamikochi and Norikura. As the tickets gives you free rides for two days, it is the perfect little luxury for when you are planning a relaxing overnight stay. And for people who want a pass for 3 days, there is the new 2-Day Free Passport plus ONE. With the Passport you can also get a reduction on the admission fees for famous sightseeing facilities in the city. It is very easy to use- all you have to do is show the ticket the driver when you get on the bus.

Throughout the Year
2-Day Free Passport [ 2 Consecutive days ]
7,000 Yen
3,500 Yen
2-Day Free Passport plus ONE [ 3 Consecutive days ]
8,500 Yen
4,250 Yen

* Children who are 12 years and older will need to buy an adult pass.

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Please tell me how to make a reservation for a bus when I am using the Free Passport.

Reservations are not needed on any of the buses in the area covered by the Free Passport. Seats are assigned on a first-come-first-served basis, so you can just get on the bus on the day itself.

When is the open season for Kamikochi?

The open season is from 17 April to 15 November each year.

There are some bus routes that only operate at certain times of the year. Could you tell me all of these routes?

1. All routes going to Kamikochi are scheduled to run from 17 April to 15 November.
2. The route between Norikura Kogen-Kuraigahara Sanso and Daisekkei-Katanokoyaguchi (Haruyama Bus) is scheduled to run between late April and 30 June.
3. The route between Norikura-Kogen and Norikura Summit (Tatamidaira) (Go-Raiko Bus) is scheduled to run from mid-July to mid-September.
4. The route between Norikura-Kogen and Norikura Summit (Tatamidaira) is scheduled to run between 1 July and 31 October.
* Please check for details on the timetable pages of the website for each route.

Is it possible to put luggage on the buses?

There is a trunk area at the bottom of the bus where large pieces of luggage can be loaded. However, the luggage may have other passengers' luggage put on top of it, or be moved around to make more space for other luggage. In these cases, we will accept no responsibility for damage, soiling or loss of the luggage.

Is there a size or weight limit for luggage to go in the trunk area?

There are no particular limits, but if it is likely that carrying the luggage would cause inconvenience to other passengers, the luggage may be refused.

What are numbered tickets?

Numbered tickets are given out to passengers to indicate the order they will board the bus on the route from Kamikochi to Shinshimashima, Matsumoto, Norikura and Shirahone Hot Springs. They are not any form of keeping or reserving any particular seat on the bus. When you buy your return ticket from Kamikochi Bus Terminal, or when you go to the service window with your Free Passport or Return Bus Ticket, say the day and time of the bus you want to return on. Numbered tickets are given out from 2 days before the departure of the bus you will use.
At Kamikochi Bus Terminal, starting from 10 minutes before the departure time, passengers will be called in the order of the numbered tickets. If you have a numbered ticket, but are not at the station when your number is called, we will call the next passengers. The numbered tickets are only valid at Kamikochi Bus Terminal and cannot be used from stops on the way (K-28 Taisho-ike Pond and K-29 Teikoku Hotel).

If I lose my ticket, can it be issued again?

Even if you lose your ticket, it will not be issued again. Please take care not to lose your tickets.

With a Free Passport, is it possible to use Haruyama Bus, Go-Raiko Bus and the Matsumoto-Takayama route?

Yes, it is possible to use all these routes.

With the ticket can I also ride trains on the Kamikochi line?

Yes, you can use this train.

With this ticket can I ride the direct bus from Matsumoto to Kamikochi?

Yes, you can.

When using the Free Passport, if I change directly from the JR Line to the Kamikochi Line, do I have to pay the difference for the fare between Matsumoto Station and Shinshimashima Station?

No. If you buy the Free Passport or exchange your voucher for the Passport at the payment window at Shinshimashima Station, then you do not have to pay anything extra for the section between Matsumoto and Shinshimashima.

What is the seat charge on Go-Raiko buses?

When using Go-Raiko buses, a 300 yen seat ticket is required, but when using the 2-Day Free Passport there is no seat charge.

Can I get a refund on the ticket?

It is not possible to get a refund on the ticket.

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2-Day Free Passport