Hakuba Happo Pond

Enjoy amazing views of the Japanese alps reflected on Lake Happo.

Lake Happo is located at an altitude of 2,080m in the Japan Alps. This natural creation will definitely take your breath away. Trekking the 90mins (approx.) from the lift station through the red and yellow autumn leaves or the greenest leaves of summer to the lake is highly recommended.


Hokujo, Hakuba, Kitaazumi District, Nagano Prefecture 399-9301


10 minutes walk from Happo Bus Terminal to Happo-eki Gondola Adam, where various lift lines available to Happo-Ike Sanso. It is a 90-minute walk from Happo-Ike Sanso to Happo Pond.


Access to Hakuba Happo Bus Terminal
1. Approx. 75 minutes by bus from Nagano station
2. Approx 5 hours by bus from Shinjuku
3. Approx 9 hours by bus from Osaka