The Charms of Kamikochi

"Kamikochi", Japan's best undiscovered destination

Welcoming more than 1.5 million travelers from every corner of the world, Kamikochi, one of Japan's leading mountain resorts, is situated in the area within Chubu Sangaku National Park and listed as a national cultural asset. It is said that a god that was originally enshrined at Hotaka Shrine came down to Mt. Hotakadake and was enshrined there. This is the story behind the name of Kamikochi, which means "the place where god descended". Owing to the beauty of its natural landscape, Kamikochi was appointed as a Special Place of Scenic Beauty, meaning it falls under thorough protection. It was also designated as a Special Natural Monument with particularly exceptional value. Kamikochi is one of the two places that hold both titles at once, together with Kurobe Gorge.


Getting Here

Let's use Matsumoto as a gate town to get to Kamikochi by train or bus.
Direct bus service from Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto is also available.

Kamikochi is in the middle between Tokyo and Nagoya,
and is 5 hours away by bus and train from both cities.
A mountain resort with a very easy access.

Kamikochi is in the center of a very popular sightseeing area, including Matsumoto, Takayama, Tateyama Alpine Route and Shirakawago, which attract many tourists each year.

Takayama - Matsumoto
Tourist map


Kamikochi's surrounding area includes Matsumoto, Norikura, Shirahone Onsen and Hirayu Onsen. This area is blessed with many famous hot springs. It is one of the special features of this area.

No transfers!


Even more easy and comfortable with direct bus service to Kamikochi.

  • Shujuku

    Free Wi-Fi on board! Even more comfort with 3 rows of spacious seating in a green car. You can also choose a 4-row seat standard car, arriving early in the morning.

  • Tokyo

    Relaxing 3-row seat (Green car) on every service, with reclining seats. Every seat also has an electrical outlet.

  • Shibuya

    Limited service in July and August. Depart from the bus terminal (5FL) in Shibuya Mark City, connected to Shibuya Station. No transfers!

  • Kyoto / Osaka

    Depart from Umeda, Shin-Osaka, and Kyoto Station. You can choose a green car (daily service) or pay a more reasonable price for a standard car (limited service on weekends and specific dates).


No transfers!

  • 2-Days Free Passport

    Just show your ticket to ride for free on the buses in Matsumoto City area, Kamikochi, Norikura Highlands and Shirahone Onsen for 2 consecutive days. A must for money-saving travel.

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  • 2-Days Plus ONE

    Choose the 2-Day Plus ONE to add one more day to the normal 2-Day Free Passport, recommended for those who want to explore more of Matsumoto or have a plan to stay overnight in Shirahone Onsen.

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