Regarding Measures Against COVID-19 for Long-distance Express Buses (Updated July 3)

Thank you for using ALPICO Kotsu. While the emergency declaration has been lifted in all of Japan, we anticipate that COVID-19 (coronavirus) will be around for a longer time. Because we want to offer you transportation that you can use reassuringly, ALPICO Kotsu will gradually resume operation of long-distance express buses across the prefecture while being thorough with disinfection and sanitation management and taking the following measures in order to avoid the three C’s – closed spaces, crowded spaces and close-contact settings.

Please click here to check the operation status of the long-distance express buses*.
*Target bus lines: Nagano – Ikebukuro/Shinjuku line, Matsumoto – Shinjuku line, Chino/Suwa/Okaya – Shinjuku line, Hakuba/Azumino – Shinjuku line, Matsumoto – Nagoya line.

ALPICO Kotsu’s Measures Against the Three C’s

① Ventilation inside the bus
The air inside the bus will be completed changed and refreshed in about 5 minutes due to the use of its outside air ventilation mode. (system construction may differ depending on the bus manufacturer/type)



② Wearing face masks
All our drivers and ticketing counter staff will wear a face mask in order to avoid droplet infection. We ask for your cooperation in bringing a face mask yourself and wearing it while on the bus, as well as refraining from having conversations on the bus as much as possible.

③ Measures to prevent droplet infection at the ticketing counter
We have installed droplet infection prevention sheets at the ticketing counter (Matsumoto Bus Terminal and ALPICO Kotsu Nagano Station Information Center).

④ Prevent droplet infection inside the bus
We have installed droplet infection prevention sheets at the driver’s seat of express buses.

⑤ Disinfecting inside the bus
We are implementing an additional disinfecting deep clean when cleaning the inside of the bus at the end of operation.

⑥ Installing hand disinfectants
We have installed hand disinfectants inside the bus, so please use them accordingly.

⑦  Offering disinfecting hand wipes
We offer disinfecting hand wipes inside the bus, so please use them freely.

⑧ Air conditioner with a disinfecting ion generator
The air conditioner inside the bus is equipped with a disinfecting ion generator that disinfects the airspace.

⑨ Installing stationary airspace disinfectants
We have installed stationary airspace disinfectants inside the bus that disinfect the airspace.

⑩ Health supervision
Along with being obligated to undergo a temperature check before work, our drivers have their health thoroughly checked during roll call. If there is a driver that might have a fever or other health concerns, we will stop them from going to work and/or starting his shift. Additionally, drivers are instructed to wash their hands/gargle and disinfect their hands properly and thoroughly.

Requests to our Customers

・Request to wear a face mask
Please cooperate in wearing a face mask inside the bus.

・Regarding conversations
Please refrain from having conversations as much as possible inside the bus.

・Social distancing
Please keep a wide distance from the people around you when waiting for and exiting the bus.

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