Regarding Measures Against COVID-19 for Our Taxi Service

Jul 08, 2020

ALPICO GROUP has adopted a range of necessary precautions against the outbreak of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in order to maintain a safe, secured environment for our passengers and drivers.

Please find out more about our prevention measures for our taxi services below.

  • In order to thoroughly ventilate the inside of the taxi, we will drive with the windows slightly open.
  • All our drivers will wear a face mask in order to avoid droplet infection.
  • We have installed plastic droplet infection prevention sheets in between the front and the back seats of the taxi.
  • We are implementing an additional disinfecting deep clean when cleaning the inside of the taxi at the end of operation.
  • Along with being obligated to undergo a temperature check before work, our drivers have their health thoroughly checked during roll call. If there is a driver that might have a fever or other health concerns, we will stop them from going to work and/or starting his shift. Additionally, drivers are instructed to wash their hands/gargle and disinfect their hands properly and thoroughly.
  • You can also help us by cooperating in wearing a face mask and refrain from having conversations as much as possible inside the taxi.

We will continue to monitor the situation closely and adapt our measures as the situation evolves.

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