Omachi - Ogizawa Time / Fare table

Seating:Unreserved seat

How to Take a Bus:Order of Arrival

Entrance:Front door

How to Get Off:Get off button

Exit:Front door

Payment method Payment method:Please purchase your ticket from the vending machines before boarding the bus. If you board the bus along the route or if there is no ticket office at the bus stop, please pay the fare when alighting from the bus.

Time table

Omachi - Ogizawa

  • Directions to Ogizawa
  • Directions to Omachi

Bus service operated with Hinatayama Kogen as a turnaround station during winter season (Bus doesn’t go to Ogizawa)


Fare table

one way

Shinano-Omachi sta.
JPY530Omachi onsenkyo
JPY620JPY190Hinatayama Kogen(Hinatayama Highland)
---Ogizawa sta.