NAGANO-HAKUBA Time / Fare table

Seating:Unreserved seat

How to Take a Bus:Order of Arrival

Entrance:Front door

How to Get Off:Get off button

Exit:Front door

Payment method Payment method:Please purchase your ticket at the ticket office before boarding the bus. If you board the bus along the route or if there is no ticket office at the bus stop, please pay the fare when alighting from the bus.

Time table


  • Directions to Hakuba
  • Directions to NAGANO Sta
  • Nagano station east exit8:209:5011:0013:1015:1017:1018:2020:00
    Hakuba Goryu9:2510:5512:0514:1516:1518:1519:2521:05
    Hakuba Happo Bus Terminal9:3511:0512:1514:2516:2518:2519:3521:15
    Tsugaike Kogen(Tsugaike Highland)9:5511:2512:3514:4516:45・・・・・・・・・
    Hakuba Norikura10:05・・・12:4514:55・・・・・・・・・・・・
  • Hakuba Norikura・・・・・・10:2011:15・・・14:10・・・・・・
    Tsugaike Kogen(Tsugaike Highland)・・・・・・10:2811:2313:1814:1815:2817:23
    Hakuba Happo Bus Terminal6:308:2010:5011:4513:4014:4015:5017:45
    Hakuba Goryu6:408:3011:0011:5513:5014:5016:0017:55
    Nagano station east exit7:509:3512:0513:0014:5515:5517:0519:00

▲:service on 12/16、12/23、1/6、1/7、1/13、1/20、1/27、2/3、2/10、2/11、2/17、2/24、3/3、3/10、3/17.
※:Operate every day between 12/16~3/18.


Fare table

Nagano station east exit
JPY1,800Hakuba Goryu
JPY1,800Hakuba Happo Bus Terminal
JPY2,000Tsugaike Kogen(Tsugaike Highland)