Kamikochi Area

At an altitude of 1500m. Kamikochi, which spreads out extensively throughout the untouched virgin forest, is a paradise of water and green where it is open for visiting from April 27th to November 15th.
It is one of Japan's leading mountain scenic spots where many tourists visit for various purposes from mountain climbing, trekking through the marvelous scenery, to simply relaxing at a resort while enjoying its spectacular nature.

Kamikochi Area
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(Matsumoto・Shin-Shimashima - Kamikochi)

Taking a bus is a convenient way from Matsumoto to Kamikochi where car regulations are carried out all year round.
You will arrive at Kamikochi in about 1 hour from the Matsumoto station on the JR Chuo Main Line. Upon arriving at Shin-Shimashima, change to a shuttle bus.

(Kamikochi - Hirayu Onsen)

Hirayu Onsen is located beyond the Awa Tunnel from the Matsumoto side. It is a hot spring town at the back side of the mountains which was declared a secret hot spring during old times.
When you visit Kamikochi from the Kansai Area, you will need to take a bus from there.

(Kamikochi - Shirahone Onsen・Norikura Highlands)

Norikura runs through a vast skirt of 23 peaks of mountains approximately 3000m high. Norikura Highlands is located at the foot of the Nagano side, and is known as a mecca of winter sports and hot springs.

(Matsumoto・Shin-shimashima - Norikura Highlands)

It is a route connecting the Matsumoto station of JR Chuo Main Line and Norikura Kogen (Norikura Highlands).
Because there is the regulation of general vehicles to Norikura Highlands, you need to transfer to the shuttle bus at Shin-Shimashima.

(Norikura Highlands - Mt.Norikura)

The route runs through the echo line connecting Norikura Highlands and the top of Mt. Norikura (Tatami daira).
Please note that the service schedule changes depending on the season and weather.

(Mt.Norikura - Hirayu Onsen)

Milky white melting spring quality and the atmosphere of the mountains. To Shirahone Onsen which is famous as a well-known hot spring for a long time, takes about 1 hour bus ride from Shin-Shimashima which is also the end point of Kamikochi line.

(Matsumoto・Shin-shimashima - Shirahone Onsen)

Witness the milky white spring quality snow melting in the atmosphere of the mountains. The route to the Shirahone Onsen which has been a well-known hot spring for a long time, takes about 1 hour by bus from Shin-Shimashima, which is at the end point of the Kamikochi line.

(Matsumoto - Takayama・Shin-Hotaka)

It is an express bus connecting Matsumoto and "Small Kyoto in Hida" Takayama, two castle towns that leave the original scenery of Japan.
The view from the train window of this route which proceeds like to sew steep mountains is exceptional.

(Takayama - Shin-Hotaka)

The Shin-Hotaka Ropeway leads to a mountaintop observatory with a spectacular 360 degree panorama view at an altitude of 2156m.
This route connects Takayama to the bottom of the ropeway from the Hirayu Onsen.

Mt,Norikura-dake Haruyama (Alpine Snow Wall)Bus

Direct Bus