Matsumoto - Shin Shimashima - Kamikochi Time / Fare table

Seating:Unreserved seat

How to Take a Bus:Order of Arrival

Entrance:Front ※ Depending on the bus type, we may ask passengers to board the bus via the rear door.

How to Get Off:Get off button

Exit:Front door

Payment method:Please purchase your ticket at the ticket office before boarding the bus. If there is no ticket office at the bus stop, please pay the fare when alighting from the bus.

Time table

Matsumoto - Shin Shimashima - Kamikochi

  • Directions to Kamikochi
  • Directions to Matsumoto Bus Terminal
  • BusMatsumoto Bus Terminal5:3010:15
    trainMatsumoto sta.4:456:317:158:008:419:2110:1010:4511:2812:0912:4413:2814:0714:4615:2616:0616:45
    trainShin-shimashima sta.5:09Matsumoto IC 5:407:017:498:309:129:5210:40Matsumoto IC 10:2511:1511:5812:3913:1413:5814:3715:1715:5716:3617:15
    BusShin-shimashima sta.5:206:007:158:008:409:3010:10L10:5511:3012:1012:5013:3014:1514:4515:2516:1016:4517:25
  • BusKamikochi7:508:409:3010:0510:4011:3012:0012:4013:2014:0514:3015:1516:00・・・16:45・・・17:2518:0018:45
    BusShin-shimashima sta.8:559:4010:3511:1011:4512:3513:0513:4514:2515:1015:3516:2017:0517:5018:3019:0519:50
    TrainShin-shimashima sta.9:2010:4010:5311:2612:0712:5213:2614:0514:4515:2516:0416:4317:2318:0118:4219:2520:10
    TrainMatsumoto sta.9:5011:4011:2211:5512:3613:2113:5514:3415:1515:5516:3417:1317:5218:3119:1119:5420:39
    BusMatsumoto Bus Terminal17:3518:20

◇・・・Operates on specific dates (Please check the service dates on our website or call Shin-Shimashima BT Tel: 0263-92-2511)
●・・・Operates between 7/14~8/19
◆・・・Operates between 4/28~11/4
This timetable shows only major bus stops along the route.
For Matsumoto to Kamikochi, please transfer from the train to the bus at Shin-shimashima sta. The train departs from JR Matsumoto sta. track no.7. (A direct bus service to Kamikochi is also available. There are two round-trips daily.)
The buses departing from Kamikochi at 16:00 and 16:45 run directly to Matsumoto Bus Terminal. During peak season, we may add extra buses to the service which will stop at Shin-shimashima sta. Please transfer for the train to Matsumoto.
During peak season, it may not be possible to board buses from Teikoku Hotel-mae and Taisho Ike stops as they are full. If possible, please board the bus from its point of origin at Kamikochi Bus Terminal.
A numbered ticket is required in addition to the bus ticket when boarding the bus from Kamikochi to Shin-Shimashima, Matsumoto, Norikura Kogen and Shirahone Onsen.
※About numbered ticket
Numbered tickets are issued from the ticket office at Kamikochi Bus Terminal only. We do not accept reservations by phone.
Numbered tickets can be issued up to two days before your departure date. Please present your return ticket and indicate the number of passengers and your desired travel date and bus time.
Numbered tickets are not reserved tickets and do not guarantee seating.
Tickets are inspected 10 minutes prior to departure time. Please arrive at the bus stop by this time with your bus ticket and numbered ticket ready for inspection.
Boarding will be carried out according to the assigned ticket numbers. Please note that customers who are not present at the bus stop when the staff call their ticket numbers will have to wait for the next available bus.


Fare table

one way

Matsumoto Bus Terminal・Matsumoto sta.
-Shin-shimashima sta.

round trip

Matsumoto Bus Terminal・Matsumoto sta.
-Shin-shimashima sta.

The round-trip ticket is valid for 7 days
The child fare is half of the adult fare. (Fractions are rounded up to the nearest 10 yen)
○・・・ This ticket price is applicable for both the direct bus ticket and the bus+train set ticket.