Mt.Norikura -Hirayu onsen Time / Fare table

Seating:Unreserved seat

How to Take a Bus:Order of Arrival

Entrance:For Back door

How to Get Off:Get off button

Exit:Front door

Payment method:Please purchase your ticket at the ticket office before boarding the bus. If there is no ticket office at the bus stop, please pay the fare when alighting from the bus.

Time table

Operates Weekdays between Aug.21 2017(Mon)~Oct.15(Sun)

  • Directions to Norikura Tatamidaira B-diagram
  • Directions to Hirayu Onsen B-diagram
  • Directions to Norikura Tatamidaira C-diagram
  • Directions to Hirayu Onsen C-diagram
  • Operating day Goraiko Bus 8/21~8/31Goraiko Bus 9/1~9/188/21~9/18
    Hirayu Onsen 3:303:455:406:407:408:409:4010:4011:4012:4013:4014:4015:40
    Honokidaira parking(Boarding only) 3:454:005:556:557:558:559:5510:5511:5512:5513:5514:5515:55
    Norikura Tatamidaira 4:304:456:407:408:409:4010:4011:4012:4013:4014:4015:4016:40
  • Operating day 8/21~9/188/21~9/18
    Norikura Tatamidaira 5:506:507:508:509:5010:5011:5012:5013:5014:5015:5016:50
    Honokidaira parking(exit only) 6:357:358:359:3510:3511:3512:3513:3514:3515:3516:3517:35
    Hirayu Onsen 6:507:508:509:5010:5011:5012:5013:5014:5015:5016:5017:50
  • Operating day
    Hirayu Onsen 6:408:409:4011:4013:4015:40
    Honokidaira parking(Boarding only) 6:558:559:5511:5513:5515:55
    Norikura Tatamidaira 7:409:4010:4012:4014:4016:40
  • Operating day
    Norikura Tatamidaira 7:509:5011:5013:5015:5016:50
    Honokidaira parking(exit only) 8:3510:3512:3514:3516:3517:35
    Hirayu Onsen 8:5010:5012:5014:5016:5017:50

The bus timetable varies depending on dates and weather conditions.
Timetable (C) will be used if the probability of rainfall is higher than 40% in Hida area (Gifu Prefecture) during 6:00~12:00AM. (The weather forecast for the following day will be announced the day before at 12:00 PM by the Meteorological Agency.)
Please inquire at Nohi bus Takayama branchi TEL 0577-32-1160 about the timetable for this bus route. This service may be canceled due to bad weather or road conditions.


Fare table

one way

Hirayu OnsenHonokidaira
JPY1,420JPY1,270Norikura Tatamidaira

round trip

Hirayu OnsenHonokidaira
JPY2,300JPY2,300Norikura Tatamidaira

the round trip ticket is valid for 7days.