Mt,Norikura-dake Haruyama (Alpine Snow Wall)Bus Time / Fare table

Seating:Unreserved seat

How to Take a Bus:Order of Arrival

Entrance:Front door

How to Get Off:Get off button

Exit:Front door

Payment method:Please purchase your ticket at the ticket office before boarding the bus. In case there is no ticket office at the bus stop where you board the bus, please purchase the ticket with the driver when boarding the bus.

Time table

Norikura Dake Haruyama Bus

  • Kuraigahara/Daisekkei (Snow Gorge)/Path to Katanokoya (Hut)
  • Norikura Kogen Highland
  • Norikura Kogen Tourist Information Center8:309:4010:3011:5014:30
    Kuraigahara Sanso (Hut)9:0710:1711:0712:2715:07
    Daisekkei (Snow Gorge)/Path to Katanokoya (Hut)9:1610:2611:1612:3615:16
  • Daisekkei (Snow Gorge)/Path to Katanokoya (Hut)9:2410:5412:1613:2415:26
    Kuraigahara Sanso (Hut)9:3211:0212:2413:3215:34
    Norikura Kogen Tourist Information Center10:1011:4013:0214:1016:12

Service between Kuraigahara and Daisekkei (Snow Gorge)/Path to Katanokoya (Hut) scheduled to start at the end of May (delay possible due to snow and road conditions)
No service available on Jun. 24 (Sun) due to the Norikura Heavenly Marathon event. Also, note that the Norikura Kogen Tourist Information Center bus stop will change on Jun. 23.
Service may be suspended due to bad weather or road conditions.


Fare table

one way

Norikura Kogen Tourist Information Center
1,450Kuraigahara Sanso (Hut)
1,450-Daisekkei (Snow Gorge)/Path to Katanokoya (Hut)

round trip

Norikura Kogen Tourist Information Center
2,500Kuraigahara Sanso (Hut)
2,500-Daisekkei (Snow Gorge)/Path to Katanokoya (Hut)

The round-trip ticket is valid for 7
The child fare is half of the adult fare. (Fractions are rounded up to the nearest 10 yen)