Bus service

Is there a size limit on luggage? Is there a fee?

There is no luggage fee. Although, there is no limit to the size or number of luggage pieces, we ask for your cooperation in bringing minimum luggage so that more people have space.

Please put your bicycle in a travel bag.
To avoid damages to other passengers’ belongings, please pack your skis, snowboard, climbing rope, or other gears in a bag.
Please refrain from bringing skis, snowboards, bicycles, and other large objects on night buses. Thank you for your understanding.

Can I bring my pet on board?

(Expressway buses and Norikuradake shuttle buses) Animals cannot be brought into the seating area or put in the trunk.
* This does not apply to guide dogs, service dogs, or hearing dogs. After securing your service dog, please pay the child fare for it.
Please put your dog all the way in a box or cage and keep it on your lap.

Can I carry on a stroller?

You cannot bring it into the seating area. After folding it up, please put it in the trunk under the floor.
Since there are only a few vehicles with fixtures for strollers, in general, we ask that you fold up the stroller and hold it close to you on board.

Can I carry on a wheelchair?

The vehicles that can accommodate wheelchairs do not operate on a fixed schedule. It is possible to use wheelchairs on these buses, but there may be bus stops you cannot get off at because of the slope or width of the road there. Also, there are some mountainous routes where wheelchair-friendly buses cannot operate.

Do I board through the front door or the back door?

(Local Nagano & Matsumoto routes) Please board through the back door and take a numbered ticket when you board.
(Local Suwa routes) Please board through the front door and take a numbered ticket when you board.

In the event that my flight or train is delayed, will the bus wait for me?

We are terribly sorry, but the bus will depart on schedule.

Time table

I am planning to go skiing in Hakuba, but a winter timetable for the Nagano - Hakuba route is not available on your website. Do you have a winter bus service?

The winter timetable for the Nagano-Hakuba route will be updated around mid-October. Thank you for your patience.

When will you post the timetable and start taking reservations for the Narita/Haneda Aairport - Hakuba service?

The timetable will be released in August, together with the start of reservation.

Ticket reservation and payment

What is the child fare?

Elementary school students (ages 6-12) are half the adult fare (rounded up one place).
Children under 6 years old ride free, one child per adult.

Is there a discount for those with a disability ID or people who are accompanying them?

The extent of the discount depends on the type of ID and bus route. Please check with respective ticket offices.
There aren't.

Can I use high denomination bills?

You can use them on our company's buses, but you may be unable to use them on our affiliates' buses.
You cannot use bills larger than ¥1,000. Please prepare change before boarding.

When do I pay the fare?

Please pay when you board. You can board smoothly if you pay at the ticket window, online, or elsewhere.
Please pay your fare at the fare box next to the driver's seat when you get off.

Can I use an IC card?

Buses that accept IC cards run only on local routes in the Nagano City area. KURURU is the only accepted card.

Can I pay by credit card?

Yes, you can use your credit card at places such as the Matsumoto Bus Terminal. Shin-Sshimashima Station, Kamikochi Bus Terminal, and the Nagano Station Information Center. Please note that you may be unable to use a credit card depending on the ticket type.

Can I purchase a ticket in advance?

It is possible to purchase in advance for bus routes that require reservations. It is also possible to purchase some unlimited ride tickets in advance.

Can Matsumoto - Kamikochi round trip tickets be used on direct buses?

They are good for transportation on direct buses and when taking the train and bus.

I have the Matsumoto - Kamikochi round trip ticket. Can I get off at Taisho Pond then get back on?

If you purchase a round trip ticket and get off at Taisho Pond or the Imperial Hotel, it is possible to get back on if you show your return ticket.
If you get off with a one-way ticket, the ticket will no longer be valid.

It says that a numbered boarding ticket is required to board from Kamikochi. Where can I get one?

A numbered boarding ticket is required when returning to Shin-Shimashima or Matsumoto from Kamikochi. You can receive one from the Kamikochi Bus Terminal ticket window after you indicate what time you would like to board.

Do you have any discount tickets? Where can I purchase them?

We offer all sorts of discount tickets. Those who are going to purchase them can do so in advance at places such as the Ote branch JTB travel agency.


Can I make a bus reservation?

Routes Requiring Reservations
Expressway buses departing Shinjuku, Nagoya, and Osaka
Sawayaka Shinshu Buses
Airport lines, such as the Narita/Haneda Airport - Hakuba line
Routes other than the ones listed above do not require reservations.
(Matsumoto / Shin-Shimashima - Kamikochi line, Matsumoto - Takayama express line, Nagano - Hakuba line, etc.)

Can Ireserve a seat for the bus from Matsumoto to Kamikochi? Can I buy the ticket in advance?

This bus is a non-reserved service. You will be allowed to board according to your order in line. If there is a large number of passengers, we will try to add buses, but if there are more passengers than anticipated, we may need to put you on the next bus. Please buy yourticket at the Matsumoto Bus Terminal ticket window or ticket machine or at the Matsumoto Station ALPICO ticket machine.
In the event that you transfer directly from JR to the Kamikochi Line train, please pay the fare for Matsumoto to Kamikochi at the Shin-Shimashima fare adjustment window.

Can I reserve a seat for the bus from Nagano to Hakuba?. Can I buy the ticket in advance?

Please purchase your ticket at the souvenir shop Shinanoki at the east exit of Nagano Station.

Can I reserve a seat for the bus from Matsumoto to Takayama? Can I buy the ticket in advance?

Please purchase your ticket at the Matsumoto Bus Terminal ticket window or ticket machine.

Are there instances where passengers cannot take the bus at their desired time?

If there is a large number of passengers, we will try to add buses, but we may be unable to satisfy your request. We appreciate your understanding.

How many months in advance can I make a reservation?

The start of a reservation period varies depending on the route.
There is no restriction on the Narita/Haneda - Hakuba route once the site is up.
Reservations can be made for the Sawayaka Shinshu Bus up to three months before.
You can make reservations for other expressway buses up to one month in advance.


Until what time is the ticket window open?

Nagano Area
Nagano Station Information Center 5:20-19:30
Hakuba Office 8:00-20:00

Matsumoto Area
Matsumoto Bus Terminal 4:40-21:00
Shin-Shimashima Station 6:00-19:00
Kamikochi Bus Terminal First departure until last departure

Norikura Kogen Tourist Information Center First departure until 16:00

Suwa & Chino Areas
Chino Station Information Center
7:30-19:00 (Saturdays and holidays: until 18:30)
Okaya Station Information Center 11:00-19:00

I've left my belongings in the bus. Whoere should I contact?

Please inquire directly with the operating company of the bus you were on. If they have your belongings, you will have to pay upon delivery, but it will be sent to you.

In the event that your address is overseas, your item(s) will be sent to you once the shipping fee remittance has been confirmed.

Is there a website where I can check the status of my bus?

On our website, you will find the page Bus Watcher, which will allow you to check the status of your bus.

At this time the site is offered in Japanese only.

Can you issue a receipt?

Please request one at the time of purchase. There are ticket machines with a receipt printing function but also those without. If the machine does not have that function, please bring your ticket to the ticket window and request a receipt there.

Please be aware that receipts cannot be issued on buses.

Can you issue proof of not boarding the bus, service suspension, or delay?

It can be obtained at the ticket window of the respective bus route if there is suspension of service or a delay.