SUWA Time / Fare table

Seating:Unreserved seat

How to Take a Bus:Order of Arrival

Entrance:Front door

How to Get Off:Get off button

Exit:Front door

Payment method:The fare is paid when alighting from the bus.

Time table

Nov.6 2017(mon)~Apr.27 2018(Fri)

  • Directions to LAKE SHIRAKABAweekday
  • Directions to LAKE SHIRAKABASat,Sun,and holidays
  • Directions to Chino Stationweekday
  • Directions to Chino StationSat,Sun,and holidays
  • Chino Station 10:3513:4516:1017:50
    Minami Shirakabako 11:1814:2816:5318:33
    Higashi Shirakabako 11:2114:3116:5618:36
    Nishi Shirakabako 11:2514:3517:0018:40
  • Chino Station 7:4510:3513:4515:00
    Minami Shirakabako 8:2811:1814:2815:43
    Higashi Shirakabako 8:3111:2114:3115:46
    Nishi Shirakabako 8:3511:2514:3515:50
  • Nishi Shirakabako 6:277:009:2012:0015:20
    Higashi Shirakabako 6:317:049:2412:0415:24
    Minami Shirakabako 6:347:079:2712:0715:27
    Chino Station 7:207:5310:1012:5016:10
  • Nishi Shirakabako 9:2012:0015:2016:25
    Higashi Shirakabako 9:2412:0415:2416:29
    Minami Shirakabako 9:2712:0715:2716:32
    Chino Station 10:1012:5016:1017:15

※Operates with Saturday,Sunday and holidays schedule between 12/29 ~1/4


Fare table

one way

Chino Station
JPY1,000Minami Shirakabako・Higashi Shirakabako・Nishi Shirakabako

round trip

Chino Station
JPY1,700Minami Shirakabako・Higashi Shirakabako・Nishi Shirakabako

The round-trip ticket is valid for 7 days
No round-trip discount tickets are available for children