Stay in style at a leading luxurious resort hotel among the majestic Japanese Alps.

A resort hotel where you can get the most out of Kamikochi. The hotel is famous for its excellent Kamikochi French cuisine and its 100% natural hot spring. In the complete darkness of the night, it is like you are in a planetarium, which is the perfect time and place to spend with your special one!

Premium Theatre Twin Rooms

These are some of the most open guests rooms in Kamikochi, which offer guests something extra. In these rooms, which were renovated in 2013, the panoramic view looks like a cinema screen. With windows of over 5 meters wide, these rooms feel the most open and spacious of any in Kamikochi. There are sofas next to the windows allowing you to gaze out at the view to your heart’s content.

In these special rooms, you can relax and look out at the panoramic views that can only be seen from these rooms knowing that nobody is going to disturb you. Even inside the room, you will be able to feel the raw nature of Kamikochi.

Twin Rooms

These guest rooms are very popular with couples, close friends etc.
Our popular twin rooms allow you to enjoy to the full the Kamikochi resort. Sitting on the sofa next to the window you can look out at the amazing view, with the sparkling emerald green of the Azusa River and the imposing mountains, the beautiful gradations of colors seeming to change every time you look at them.

The pleasant and refreshing sound of the river, the colors of the mountains which change from season to season- these can only be enjoyed in Kamikochi, one of Japan’s leading resorts. From your room it will feel as if you have the whole of this beautiful scenery to yourself. We hope that you will enjoy your stay in Kamikochi.

Rooms with baths offering scenic views

These rooms were renovated in spring 2012.
In these rooms, guests can enjoy a bath with water drawn straight from the hot spring. You can enjoy the view of natural beauty and a hot spring surrounded by the benevolent atmosphere of Kamikochi. These rooms allow you to enjoy both Kamikochi and the hot spring to the fullest.

Japanese-style Rooms

Popular with families and guests with children. These Japanese rooms are consistently popular as a base for guests to make the most of sightseeing and nature in Kamikochi.

As these rooms are located on the second floor, the view is not as good as from other rooms, but with the green colors of white close outside the windows, you will feel as if you are doing shinrinyoku (‘Forest Bathing’)
In these popular rooms you can get both the relaxing feelings of a traditional inn with a hot spring and the luxury of a resort hotel.

Genuine Kamikochi French cooking combining bold ideas and delicate flavors.

By making extensive use of seasonal ingredients from the local area, the cooking is of a kind only available in Kamikochi. Our experienced chefs use the traditional techniques of French cooking to create dishes making the most of the flavors of the ingredients which have grown with the spring water from the Alps. The chefs aim to create dishes, which are somehow familiar and make us feel warmth and remain in our memories.

At lunch time, guests who are not staying at the hotel can eat at the restaurant. So do please drop by for some delicious food.

Large baths and open-air baths
You can enjoy the natural hot spring baths at this hotel, one of only two facilities in Kamikochi to offer them. The large baths were renovated in spring 2012 when their size was doubled allowing guests even more room to relax. On the mountain side of the hotel on the third floor, there are 2 private baths which can be reserved in which hot water drawn directly from the natural spring flows in cypress bath tubs.

Charge for use: 1,500 plus tax for 45 minutes
*If you want to use the family bath, please let us know when you check in.

Lobby Lounge
The spacious lounge has both counter seats and sofas. It can be used as a bar for a drink of wine, a cocktail or some snacks like Shinshu cheese after dinner or after you get out of the hot spring.

Opening hours: 19:00-22:00
* The opening hours of the Lobby Lounge may change

During the day, a number of types of cakes are available such as raspberry, orange, chestnut, with the types of cake changing from season to season. You can also enjoy coffee made with freshly ground coffee and the beautiful clear Shinshu water. Coffee and Cake sets are particularly popular.

Our links to mountaineers and men of literature
One of the key figures in Kamikochi’s history is a British missionary named Walter Weston who introduced modern mountaineering in Japan. During his time in Japan, Weston “discovered” Kamikochi and through his various writings made the area known all over the world.

To commemorate him, a memorial plaque has been placed near Lemeiesta Hotel and a ‘Climbers’ Book’ donated by Weston himself is on display in the lobby of the hotel even now. There is also a special Weston Festival is held in Kamikochi in June every year.

Other famous people who visited Kamikochi include Japanese poet and sculptor Takamura Kotaro and his wife Chieko. They enjoyed Kamikochi and Lemeiesta Hotel so much that they stayed at the hotel for months at a time and even got engaged during their stay. Takamura often wrote about Kamikochi in his poems and even mentioned Lemeiesta Hotel (by its old name Shimizu-ya) a couple of times.


Star Photography Event
Photographer Sasahara Hisanori is invited to meetings of the Star Photography Event. Meetings are held for about 4 days each year. Please come along if you would like to record the stars in the clear Kamikochi sky.

Even on days when there are no club meetings, viewings of the sky using astronomical telescopes etc. are held, so please ask the staff for details. The images of the stars you seen in the Kamikochi sky will become fond memories.

Start time: 8:00 pm
Participation Fee: Free (Limited to staying guests)
Things to bring along: An SLR camera that can be operated manually, a tripod (A limited number of tripods are available to be borrowed) and warm clothes (temperatures drop at night)

4469-1 Azumi, Matsumoto City, Nagano
Tel: +81-(0)263-95-2121
Take a bus bound for Kamikochi and get off at 'Teikoku Hotel-mae' bus stop. Approx 8 minute walk from the bus stop.
Room overview

Type of room / Number of rooms
Western-style room / 26
Japanese style room / 4
Room with bathroom room / 5
Room with premium panorama view / 3


La Riviere (45 seats)

Main bathing area

Newly renovated "The Spa" with natural running hot spring
Extended relaxation space with massage chairs

Hotel Facilities

Free Wi-Fi / Shop / Lounge / River terrace

Facilities for the disabled

Disable persons' toilets / Guided dogs are welcome