A majestic view from Yatsugatake to the Central Alps.
3 Courses and 27 holes that call for strategy and skill.

This full-fledged golf course lets you get total enjoyment from the nature in Tateshina Highlands. Utilizing the intricate geography of the hills, the beautifully presented course is bold and challenging, and has continued to captivate many golfers for more than half a century. There is also a hot spring bath that has fresh water from Mt. Tateshina, where you can soak your weariness away after a round of golf. Please refresh yourself as long as you like in the clean feel of the bathing area.

27 holes requiring both bold shots and strategic thinking

This fulfilling course, with an overall length of 10,318 yards and par 108, will satisfy even the most skilled of golfers. While playing on the fully fledged course, you can enjoy the natural beauty of Shinshu Tateshina Kogen (Tateshina Highlands). The course was designed to make best use of the subtle landscape of the hills and the result is a beautiful and dramatic course filled with variety. Whether from the clubhouse or on the course, the view under the clear and crisp blue sky is magnificent. With a relaxed atmosphere and the fulfilling challenges of the course, we are sure that when playing golf in our resort, our guests will experience true joy.

At an elevation of over 1,000m, you will be cool even when playing in the summer!

Spend a superlative day in the magnificent scenery at the base of the Yatsugatake Mountains. The view of the Yatsugatake Mountains from the Tateshina Kogen Country Club is unparalleled.
We hope that you will visit Tateshina Kogen Country Club, where you can look forward to the magnificent views of the Northern Yatsugatake Mountain and Southern Yatsugatake Mountains whatever the season.
Enjoying a round of golf surrounded by nature and while enjoying the imposing mountain scenery has to be the height of luxury.

Relieve your tiredness after your round in this slightly acidic natural hot spring.

The club is proud of our hot springs drawing water straight from the spring source. In the ladies’ bath, there is a powder room and private spaces. Large volumes of water flow from the hot spring the nature of which is that of an acidic sodium hot spring. Acidic springs are very rare in Nagano Prefectures, with the only 2 being Tateshina Onsen and Tentoku Onsen. The hot spring water will warm you to your core, help improve neuralgia (nerve pain) and joint pain, help you recover from tiredness and is ideal for both beauty and health. Please relax and refresh yourself in these clean and fresh-feeling bath areas.

Payment plans that include a caddy allow you to concentrate on your game.

A large number of experienced caddies are registered at Tateshina Kogen Country Club. These caddies make great efforts every day to be good, useful partners for our guests, giving precise advice about course strategies and on the greens, where knowledge and experience are key, reading the lines of the green accurately.

A restaurant menu with a wide variety of choice.
Bright, open restaurant with a relaxing atmosphere

The view that can be seen through the large windows changes with the seasons, and in harmony with the peaks of the Yatsugatake Mountains and the mountains of the Northern Alps, it is scenery that allows you to feel the magnificence of nature.
You can relax and refresh your mind ready for your next round of golf. Our food is prepared based on the motto of ‘Safe and Reassuring’, and we look to implement the idea of ‘local production for local consumption’. Dishes range from popular standard dishes to specials recommended by the head chef and are prepared with the greatest of care.

The clubhouse is an essential base for an enjoyable round.

Our clubhouse offers a refined and elegant environment. It also has 6 Competition Rooms (room use is free of charge).
A 120 yard practice range with 12 tees is also available.

For competitions of 9 people (three groups) or more, a free pick up and drop off service is available.
Pick up Locations (rough guide):From near the Kofu-Showa Interchange to near the Iida Interchange.
Number of passengers: Mid-size bus- 9 to 20 people. Large bus- 21 to 30 people.
*Expressway Fees are paid separately

4035 Kitayama, Chino City, Nagano
Tel: +81-(0)266-67-2201
Course Overview

Total length 10,318 yards (Reg.T. 9,690 yards)
Par 108 / JGA affiliated
Suzuran and Rindo courses / Basic design: Noriyuki Miyoshi
Shakunage course / Advisor: Isao Aoki