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The Alps Crossing Ticket is a ticket that allows you to stop at a few places while traveling from the castle town of Matsumoto to the charming old town of Takayama. You can choose one of the following 3 routes: Kamikochi, Norikura or Shinhotaka Ropeway. It will certainly be a wonderful trip no matter which route you choose! You can travel from Matsumoto to Takayama as well as the other way around.

Where to Visit

Norikura Route
Kamikochi Route
Shinhotaka Ropeway Route
01Shinhotaka Ropeway
You can board the double-decker gondola, which is the only one in Japan, and take a walk in the sky for about 12 minutes. With the mountains of the Northern Japan Alps at almost eye-level height and the feeling of the impressive Hotaka range up close, the 360-degrees panorama above the clouds at an altitude of 2,156m seems like a different world.
Kamikochi is a large valley that lies at an altitude of 1,500m in the Northern Japan Alps, surrounded by 3000-class mountains. As one of Japan's leading mountain resorts situated within Chubu Sangaku National Park, Kamikochi was designated as a Special Place of Scenic Beauty and as a Special Natural Monument.
03Hirayu Onsen
Hirayu Onsen lies at the foot of Mt. Norikura, 1,283m above sea level, and is one of the oldest and most historic hot springs of the Okuhida Onsen. There are about 40 wells/reservoirs in the Hirayu Onsen area, and about 8,600 liters of hot water is gushing from there per minute, which is more than 12,000,000 liters a day.
04Mt. Norikura (Tatamidaira)
About one hour away by bus from either Nagano or Gifu, Mt. Norikura (Tatamidaira) is the highest bus terminal in Japan at an altitude of 2,702m. From there, people (even children) can enjoy either a casual walk through nature or more authentic mountain climbing.
05Norikura Kogen
The Highlands area from where you can see Mt. Norikura extends at an altitude of 1,200m~1,500m and boasts many beautiful waterfalls and lakes. The view of the mountain is incredible, and you can truly get a sense of openness and freedom from this gentle landscape. Of course, it is also recommended to combine trekking with a visit to the hot spring.
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Ropeway Route

Ropeway Route



  • Year-round
  • April 17 - November 15
  • July 1 - October 31
  • Adult (12 years and above)5,000 JPY
  • Child (6 until 11 years)2,500 JPY
Available at
Matsumoto Bus Terminal
6:00 - 19:00Credit cards accepted
6:00 - 19:00Credit cards accepted
Takayama Bus Center
*Please inquire at Nohi Bus
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Q & A

Please tell me how to make a reservation for a bus when I am using the Alps Crossing Ticket.

All buses covered by the Alps Crossing Ticket (Shinhotaka Ropeway route and Norikura Route) are non-reserved service. You cannot make a reservation in advance.

As for the Alps Crossing Ticket (Kamikochi route), you can reserve only the direct bus (National Park Liner) from Matsumoto to Kamikochi. To reserve a seat, please show your Alps Crossing Ticket and inform the staff the bus you wish to board. Reservation is available one day before the your travel.

Can I purchase tickets one day before I want to use them? (In case of purchase in Japan)

As refunds cannot be made after purchasing, it is recommended that you buy a ticket on the day of use.

Where are the voucher exchange offices? (In the case of an online purchase)

In Nagano Prefecture: Matsumoto Bus Terminal, Shin-Shimashima Station
In Gifu Prefecture: Takayama Bus Center

Are refunds possible?

Refunds are not possible once a ticket has been purchased (*except for the Norikura route ticket). Please be aware that refunds also cannot be made even if some sections haven't been used.

With the Kamikochi route ticket, can I use the direct bus from Matsumoto to Kamikochi?

Yes, you can. To reserve a seat, please show your Alps Crossing Ticket and inform the staff the bus you wish to board. Reservation is available one day before the your travel.

Are refunds possible in case of service suspensions when the road is closed?

Regarding the Norikura route, the road between Norikura Kogen and Mt. Norikura (Tatamidaira), and the road between Honokidaira and Mt. Norikura (Tatamidaira) may be closed due to heavy rain or frost and service may be suspended for safety purposes. In that case, customers have the following options:

1. Changing from the Norikura route to the Kamikochi route. When it's clear that service has been suspended in the Norikura Kogen and Honokidaira areas, it is possible to change your ticket to the Kamikochi route ticket at no additional cost.

2. In case of returning to the original point of departure, a full refund will be issued. Refunds will only be handled at the ticket office where the purchase was made (in case of an online purchase, refunds can be made at the station you departed from). If you boarded the bus from Takayama, please claim your refund at the Takayama Bus Center. If you boarded the bus from Matsumoto, please claim your refund at Matsumoto Bus Terminal or Shin-Shimashima Station.

3. In case of passing through Takayama or Matsumoto without going to Mt. Norikura (Tatamidaira), the difference between the purchasing price of the Alps Crossing Ticket and the express fee between Matsumoto and Takayama will be refunded.Example: 5,000 JPY (the price of the Alps Crossing Ticket) - 3,500 JPY (the express fee between Matsumoto and Takayama) = 1,500 JPY.

*Whichever of the options (1~3) you choose, please make sure to get proof of the service suspension by getting a statement from the ticket office at the Norikura Kogen Tourist Center or Honokidaira. If there is no statement of service suspension, it may not be possible to take alternative measures.

Can I use the Goraiko Bus with the Norikura route ticket?

Yes, you can use the Goraiko Bus. However, you will need an early-morning special seating ticket which costs an additional 300 JPY to board the bus.

Can I get a refund for the sections that I did not use?

Refunds cannot be made for only one section.

Alps Crossing Ticket Explore the Northern Japan Alps with the Alps Crossing Ticket.Available online at KKday.

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