Zenkoji & Togakushi 1-DAY TICKET

Traveling to Japan's most prominent sacred
place, Togakushi

What is the Zenkoji & Togakushi 1-Day Ticket?

The Zenkoji & Togakushi 1-Day Ticket allows you unlimited rides on buses from Nagano Station to Togakushi and Zenkoji Temple. The sacred Mt. Togakushi, the powerspots Zuishinmon and cedar tree avenue, Kagami Pond with its quiet water surface etc., you can visit all these sightseeing spots and more in the Togakushi area with this convenient ticket! With unlimited rides for an entire day, you can enjoy your time leisurely. This ticket also gives you a special discount at Togakushi's soba restaurants.

Where to Visit

01The Avenue of Ancient Cedar Trees
The path from the bus stop to the Okusha Shrine is about 2km long and in the middle of it stands the red-lacquered Zuishin Gate followed by dozens of 400-year old cedar trees on either side of the path that have been designated as a national monument. The power of the trees has not faded over time and it still retains the divine nature of the path to this day. In the beginning of winter or spring, you can witness a mysterious sight as the sun rises straight along the path.
02Zenkoji Temple
With a long history of about 1400 years since its construction, Zenkoji Temple houses the Amida (Nyorai) Triad as a main devotional object within its grounds, which is said to be the oldest Buddha statue in Japan. Welcoming people from all walks of life regardless of religion or sex, the temple is so famous and important that it has been said since olden times that one should visit Zenkoji Temple at least once in their life. The current main hall has been reconstructed in 1707 and has been designated as a National Treasure for its Buddhist architecture that represents the mid-Edo Period.
03Togakushi Ninja Museum & Ninja Trick Mansion
This place consists of three facilities in total that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike. There is the Togakushi Folk Museum and Togakushi Ninja Museum which store and display around 2,000 items, including tools that were used by ninjas as well as everyday goods that supported the traditional climate and way of living in Togakushi in the olden days. Besides that, there is also a Ninja Trick Mansion where you try to find the exit as you climb up staircases and pass through mazes and ninja rooms.
04Togakushi Soba Museum
The Togakushi Soba Museum Tonkururin is one of the rare museums in Japan dedicated to soba (buckwheat) noodles. Inside you’ll be introduced to old soba-making tools, the history of Togakushi soba as well as how soba used to be eaten, and you will understand the background of how the soba culture has taken root in this area. In the soba-making experience corner, skilled artisans will carefully teach you how to make soba using local soba flour, and you’ll be able to taste your own hand-made soba soon after.
05Chusha Shrine
Enshrined within the Chusha Shrine is the God of Wisdom Ame no Yagokoro Omoikane no Mikoto, who devised the plan to do a sacred dance called kagura which helped open the door of the heavenly cave. On its grounds there stand three cedar trees that are about 800 years old and many worshippers come to visit the shrine. There are times when you can watch the performance or a practice session of a grand kagura dance being held in the kagura hall of the shrine.
06Kagami Pond
Kagami Pond (Mirror Pond) is a quiet pond at the foot of the Togakushi mountain range. As its name suggests, if the weather conditions are good, you can see the Togakushi mountain range reflected on the water surface like a mirror. The leaves of the trees around the pond and on the mountains will turn red or yellow during autumn, usually from early to mid-October. It's a popular spot where many tourists come to visit during autumn or in the early morning when there's no wind. We recommend the nice 30 min. walk from the Okusha Shrine to Kagami Pond.
07Okusha Shrine
In Japanese mythology, the Sun Goddess Amaterasu once hid in a heavenly cave (Ama no Iwaya), but was forced out again by the God of Strength Ama no Tajikarao who opened the cave’s door with his unparalleled godly power and threw it all the way to Togakushi. Thus, Ama no Tajikarao came to be enshrined here at the foot of Mt. Togakushi. Okusha Shrine is the main shrine of Togakushi and its divine virtues such as good fortune, wish fulfillment, abundant harvest and sport victories have been spread throughout the country which led to many people worshipping the shrine.
  • Available all year round
  • Valid for 1 day (on the day of purchase)
  • Adult (13 y/o and above)3,000 JPY
  • Child (6 until 12 y/o)1,500 JPY
Coverage Area and Valid Lines
During the winter season, bus no. 70 only goes up to Togakushi Chusha with the final stop being the Togakushi Ski Resort, without passing by Togakushi Okusha. For those who want to go to Togakushi's cedar tree avenue, please get off at Togakushi Chusha and walk from there.
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Q & A

When is the winter timetable scheduled to be published?

It is scheduled to be published around mid-December.

If I want to go to the cedar tree avenue and Zuishinmon, at which bus stop do I need to get off?

From spring until fall, the closest bus stop is Togakushi Okusha, so please get off the bus and walk from there. During wintertime, the bus does not go there, so please get off at the Togakushi Chusha bus stop.

Can you reserve a seat on the bus in advance?

All buses you can use with this ticket are non-reserved buses. Reservations are not possible.

Zenkoji & Togakushi 1-Day Ticket Discover the spiritual side of Nagano with the Zenkoji & Togakushi 1-Day Ticket. Buy this ticket at local ticket offices.
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Zenkoji & Togakushi 1-Day Ticket
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