Reliving the time of samurai and warlords on the Nakasendo Road

Within the forested Kiso Valley in Nagano Prefecture lies part of an historical route that dates back to a time when samurai and geisha walked the streets and Japan was ruled by a fearsome shogun (military dictator). This route is called the Nakasendo or literally “Central Mountain Road”.

A day trip climbing the active volcano “Mt. Yake”

For anyone who loves trekking, mountain climbing or the outdoor, please gather here! Kamikochi has so much more to offer than just Kappa Bridge. In this blog, We’ll take everyone on a mountain climbing journey to “Mt. Yake” (or Yakedake), an active volcano of the Northern Alps located 2,455m above sea level. Mt. Yake can be climbed as a day trip, so it’s very popular as it serves as an introduction to the Northern Alps.

Travel to World Heritage Sites with the Three-Star Route Ticket

With the Three-Star Route Ticket, you can see the best Japan has to offer in an easy and relaxing way by bus. For those of you who have already been to places like Tokyo, Kyoto etc., this ticket is a great way to experience a different side of Japan.

Hiking the 5 shrines trail in Togakushi

Untouched by the busyness of everyday life, Togakushi is a sacred spiritual spot located on Mt. Togakushi blessed with abundant nature and a rich culture that is thousands of years old. With direct bus access from Nagano Station, you’ll get there in only an hour!

Hakuba Happo Pond: Gateway to the Heavens

Hakuba is an excellent ski resort and was once a venue of the Nagano Winter Olympics in 1998. In winter, it is a mecca for ski lovers, while in summer, it’s a paradise for hikers and trekkers, as it is full of majestic mountains and lovely alpine flowers. Summer may be the least popular season to travel in Japan. But you might change your mind if you came here to Hakuba during summer!

A slice of Japan’s Kawaii Pop culture in rural Japan with much loved local character Nagisa Endo

Japan’s rich subculture is renowned around the world and consists of anime, anime characters and other forms o・・・

An interview with a bilingual tour guide for a bus bound for Kamikochi

“Conducting bus tours as a bilingual tour guide was my calling”, says Evangeline Kawakami who came to Japan se・・・

A journey through Yayoi Kusama’s birthplace on the world’s only “art-on-wheels”

In front of Matsumoto Station, there’s one bus that stands out from its surroundings. Covered in polka dots, t・・・

Photographer Hisanori Sasahara’s ten-year love affair with the unique beauty of Kamikochi’s landscape

“Photographing Kamikochi has changed my life”, said photographer Hisanori Sasahara who has been visiting the K・・・