Osaka & KyotoKamikochi(Nagano)

Buss Image


To Kamikochi

Osaka Umeda (dep.)22:30
Shin-osaka (dep.)22:39
Kyoto station (dep.)23:45
Nakanoyu (arr.)5:37
Taisho Ike (arr.)5:43
Teikoku Hotel Mae (arr.)5:48
Kamikochi Bus Terminal (arr.)5:50

To Kyoto & Osaka

Kamikochi Bus Terminal (dep.)15:40
Kyoto station (arr.)20:55
Shin-osaka (arr.)22:00
Osaka Umeda (arr.)22:10
○Cancelation policy: 100 yen for cancelation fee will be charged before journey. After departure you reserved will be charged 100% cancellation fee.
  *Cancelation due to the delay of flight will be charged 100 yen for cancelation fee.
○Passengers who are not at the bus stop after scheduled departure time are not guaranteed a seat assignment.
○The bus schedule may be adjusted subject to traffic and weather conditions without prior notice to passengers.
○Smoking on buses is strictly prohibited.
○Pets are not allowed on bus and trunk.
Please check this link for more information
Fare(one way) Osaka/Kyoto~Kamikochi
Adult 7,200~10,200 yen
Child 3,600~6,000 yen
Infant Free of Charge
○Adult:Aged 12+
○Child:Aged 6 to 11
○Infant:Children below the age of 6, if accompanied by an adult and not occuying a seat, will be free of charge. Please buy a child ticket if you need seat occupation.


Osaka Umeda


Kyoto station(Hachijo Exit)

Kamikochi Bus Terminal